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Kate Moss Love Canvas Wall Art: Exquisite & Timeless
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Canvas Poster Only
Stretch Wrap Framed Poster
Black Framed Poster
12x16 Inch / 30x40 cm
16x24 Inch / 40x60 cm
19.6x27.5 inch / 50x70 cm
24x36 Inch / 60x90 cm
28x40 Inch / 70x100 cm
32x48 Inch / 80x120 cm
35x50 Inch / 90x130 cm
39x55 Inch / 100x140 cm
43x63 Inch / 110x160 cm
47x70 Inch / 120x180 cm
Stretch Wrap Framed Poster
12x16 Inch / 30x40 cm
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Introducing the exceptional Kate Moss Love Canvas Wall Art: Exquisite & Timeless, presenting your invitation to explore a captivating selection of Canvas Wall Art Posters that inject charm and flair into your space, transforming your walls into dynamic focal points bursting with life and personality.

  • Canvas Poster Only: Embrace the beauty of our exquisite designs without the need for framing.
  • Canvas Poster Wrapped on a Wooden Frame: Enjoy the convenience of ready-to-hang wall art, expertly crafted for a polished finish.
  • Canvas Poster on a Floating Black Border Frame made of Aluminium: Add a modern touch to your decor with our sleek floating frame option, enhancing the visual impact of your artwork.
  • Secure Shipping: We prioritize safe and efficient delivery worldwide, with all parcels sent via FedEx or UPS for your peace of mind.
  • 📏Various Sizes: From small to large, including impressive 1.5-meter options, we offer sizes to suit every space. Need a specific size? Chat with our live agent for personalized assistance.
  • 📦 Sturdy Packaging: Framed wall art is carefully packed in a wooden crate for sizes exceeding 130cm, ensuring secure delivery. Sizes below 130cm are packed in a cardboard box. Posters only are sent in a PVC hard tube for protection during transit.
  • 🖼️ Extra Border: We leave an additional 3cm border on all posters, providing flexibility if you choose to frame your poster later on.
  • 🌟 Premium Quality: Our wall art is printed on premium canvas for lasting durability, ensuring your investment brings joy for a lifetime. Say goodbye to standard prints on paper – we do it differently, and we do it better.

Elevate your space into a captivating gallery of art with Kate Moss Love Canvas Wall Art: Exquisite & Timeless where each piece narrates its own unique tale and every intricate detail adds depth and charm to your surroundings.