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Wabi Sabi Floor Lamp - Simple Elegance for your Interiors


Color: Warm light 3000K

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The Wabi Sabi Floor Lamp by BabiesDecor Fancy Lights is a beautifully designed and functional addition to any living space. Crafted with attention to detail, this floor lamp boasts a unique Lampshade Color (Diameter 50cm Height 132cm) and Body Color with options including Warm light 3000K, Natural white 4000K, and White light 6000k, allowing for a customizable ambiance. With 3 lights changeable, this lamp adapts to different moods and occasions effortlessly. Its sleek and modern design ensures it seamlessly blends with any decor. Illuminate your home with style and elegance with the Wabi Sabi Floor Lamp from BabiesDecor Fancy Lights.