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Quick view
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Cream - 2m + 5 Edges
Black - 2m + 5 Edges
Pink - 2m + 5 Edges
Brown - 2m + 5 Edges
White - 2m + 5 Edges
Green - 2m + 5 Edges
Wood - 2m + 5 Edges
Grey - 2m + 5 Edges
Any 2 = 4m+10 edge
Select Design
Cream - 2m + 5 Edges
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Protect your little one from sharp edges with our Baby Corner Protectors and Furniture Safety Set. This complete package features a 2-meter roll for extensive coverage along with 5 corner protectors, ensuring every edge in your home is child-safe. Available in a range of colors to match your furniture, these protectors are easy to install with adhesive backing. Made from soft, impact-absorbent material, they offer peace of mind while blending seamlessly into your home decor.

  • Complete Set: Includes a 2-meter roll for comprehensive coverage and 5 corner protectors.
  • Customizable: Available in various colors to match your furniture.
  • Easy Installation: Adhesive backing ensures quick and hassle-free setup.
  • Child-Safe: Soft, impact-absorbent material provides cushioning for sharp edges.
  • Versatile: Suitable for tables, countertops, shelves, and more.

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