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The Designer Coffee Chair has a texture of metal and combines modern and Nordic styles. It serves various functions, including being a coffee chair, dining chair, leisure chair, reception chair, and armchair. The back height ranges from 125mm to 800mm.

This armchair does not have handrails and is designed with a minimalist modern style. It is specifically intended for use in the living room. The set type is not mentioned, indicating that it is sold as a single chair. The product name is "Creative Backrest Chair," suggesting a unique and innovative design for the chair's backrest.

The chair is known for its popular element, which is referred to as "Master Alien Design." This implies a distinct and eye-catching design inspired by futuristic or unconventional aesthetics. The chair is made of metal, specifically iron, and the material and metal type are both mentioned as iron.

In terms of general use, it is suitable for home furniture. It is not folded and features a cloth finish material. The fabric finishing technology is described as "solid color," indicating a uniform and non-patterned fabric. The chair's cover is made of fabric.

The color options available for the chair include white, green, blue, and pink. The chair is suitable for various scenarios, such as home accessories and furniture. It can be used in environments like homes, offices, hotels, cafes, and reception rooms. The appearance of the chair is described as "Modern Morocco," suggesting a contemporary design with influences from Moroccan aesthetics.