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161x83x91 - Pink
200x83x91 - Pink
161x83x91 - Grey
200x83x91 - Grey
161x83x91 -White
200x83x91 - White
161x83x91 - Pink
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The Cloud Stretch Bed Sofa Couch is an extravagant wind-style piece of furniture that is customized and made from wood material. It is an L-shaped, minimalist modern sofa with an additional function of being movable. The wood construction craftsmanship is described as "Other." The sofa does not have storage space and is designed for use in the living room.

The specific dimensions of the sofa are 200x89x92, and its width is less than 2000mm. It is a pure color pattern sofa made of wood with a hard filler made of sponge. The general use of this furniture is for home purposes, and it is filled with sponge material. The fabric options for the sofa are velvet and flannel.

This sofa is customizable, and its combination form is arc-shaped. It is suitable for adults and has a modern style appearance. Some of the mentioned product properties include being suitable for home use, being a lazy sofa, and being modern sofas for the living room.