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Introducing our Portable Clothes Dryer, the perfect solution for drying your clothes quickly and efficiently, even in limited spaces. With a capacity of 5-10kg, this dryer can handle a substantial amount of laundry, making it ideal for both small households and on-the-go lifestyles.

Equipped with a powerful heating element using PTC heating method, this dryer delivers consistent and gentle heat to effectively dry your clothes while minimizing wrinkles and shrinking. The 501-1000w power and 220V voltage ensure fast and efficient drying results every time.

Featuring digital timer control, you can easily set the drying time according to your needs, providing flexibility and convenience in managing your laundry. The semi-automatic operation allows for hassle-free drying, while the Portable Clothes Dryer's compact design makes it easy to move and store when not in use.

Our Portable Clothes Dryer is CE and RoHS certified, guaranteeing safety and quality standards that meet international requirements. Say goodbye to air-drying your clothes and hello to quick, efficient, and hassle-free drying with our Portable Clothes Dryer, the ultimate solution for busy lifestyles.


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