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72 oil colors
120 oil colors
150 oil colors
180 oil colors
48 Water soluble
72 Water soluble
120 Water soluble
150 Water soluble
180 Water soluble
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The Professional Oil Color Pencil Soft Wood Set is a versatile coloring tool suitable for various artistic applications. Here are the specifications:

  • Soluble Or Not: Paint
  • Lead Color: Colored
  • Lead Hardness: 2B
  • Choice: Yes

This set of oil color pencils is designed for artists and enthusiasts who want to explore the vibrant world of colored pencils with a soft and smooth application. The inclusion of a choice option suggests that users may have the flexibility to select specific colors or features within the set. The "2B" lead hardness indicates a relatively soft lead, providing a rich and expressive color application. Whether used for coloring, drawing, or other artistic endeavors, these pencils offer a professional-grade experience.