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The Vitality Bear Wall Decoration for kids' rooms is an animal-themed wall decoration designed in a modern and simple style. The shape of the bear is specifically described as "opposite sex," indicating a gender-specific design.

This wall decoration has a regional feature of Europe, which suggests that it draws inspiration from European design aesthetics or is popular in European markets. The manufacturing process is described as semi-manual, indicating a combination of manual craftsmanship and mechanical production techniques.

The packaging for this wall decoration includes a carton and PolyOne, which is likely a protective packaging material. The origin of the product is stated as Mainland China.

In terms of materials, the wall decoration is made of plant fiber and resin/Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP). This combination of materials may provide durability and a natural aesthetic. The primary function of the decoration is to serve as a decorative element in a living room or other applicable spaces.

Overall, the Vitality Bear Wall Decoration offers a modern and simple style, depicting an animal theme with an opposite-sex bear shape. It can add a touch of vitality and charm to kids' rooms or living rooms as a decorative piece.


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